Our Specialities


Obstetrics is the medical practice dealing with mother and child care. Pregnancy is a joyful period in every woman’s life, wherein she needs a memorable experience , right from conception till birth of her baby.Savidha Medical Center & Hospital strives to provide a cool, comfortable birthing bed with smiling and painless deliveries through epidural analgesia. The center proclaims to have the highest rate of normal deliveries in its location.


The center provides complete healthcare to a pregnant woman, ensuring an utmost pleasant experience which will be in memoir of her life. Apart from normal vaginal deliveries , instrumental vaginal deliveries and C-section deliveries, the center offers to handle high risk pregnancies


  • Delivery preparedness and breast feeding counseling
  • Regular antenatal yoga and exercise classes on every 1st & 3rd Thursdays
  • Nutritional advice by the Dietician
  • Well equipped state of the art Labour Room
  • Cardiotocography to continuously monitor the fetal heart rate
  • Labour in a birth suite accompanied by the spouse
  • Painless labour by Epidural analgesia
  • Exclusive Maternity OT for Caesarean section
  • New born resuscitation unit
  • Tie up with Cord blood banking services
  • Take home tree saplings to every proud parent of the new born
  • Regular Postnatal yoga and exercise classes on every 2nd & 4th Thursdays
  • Parent friendly postnatal services that are planned to match the baby’s vaccination schedule
  • Contraceptive services